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Goings on
June 09
Uploaded most of my sequenced tracks since 2000 ish... available here!
August 07
Moved to london... left all my gear behind in brisbane...
October 06
Got myself on to myspace. Sheep following the herd... www.myspace.com/hexadec. Some tracks up there...
4 July 06
Review from Kenji Siratori... "Hexadecimal turn on the paradise apparatus of the human body pill cruel emulator that compressed the acidHUMANIX infectious disease of the soul/gram made of retro-ADAM to the body encoder of the ultra=machinary tragedy-ROM creature system that was debugged the technojunkies' to a hybrid corpse mechanism ill-treatment@hunting for the grotesque WEB feeling replicant living body junk of my digital=vamp cold-blooded disease animals to the murder-protocol of the biocapturism nerve cells reptilian=HUB of a clone boy=hexadecimal joint the trash sense of drug fetus reptilian=HUB_modem=heart that hung up to the insanity medium of the hyperreal HIV=scanners DNA=channel of the corpse city guerrilla."
14 December 04
Back from earthcore. Shpongle is good. Freq nasty is good. Pitchblack is good. The guy who killed Dimebag Darryl is BAD. On the same day that Lennon was shot too.
Found out some other dude has decided to start using 'hexadecimal' writing techno stuff. Cheers.
16 August 04
Another update, changed the above graphic to a dynamic flash thing. Also moved the music modules to a seperate frame since it was proving a little intensive on some ppls setups.
7 July 04
Updated the website. Undesigned it as I put it. I was going to go a heavy flash design again, but thought I'd just simplify the whole affair. Make it easy for me to update the online mp3s, and easy for users to download them.
22 March 04
Another six months goes by. Had a great trip overseas. Just supported Infected, good gig. Am designing a new website. New tracks will be online soon. Nothing much else.
17 September 03
Back from my England/Ireland/France holiday. Had a great gig in Ireland, on Rathlin. One of the best festival's I've been to - not so large, somewhere between 600-800 people, but 4 stages... that's a great ratio of peeps to stages. A1 acts I came across there, Filaria - look out sQpusher - and Iso9. Shall be posting photos as soon as I can afford to develop them.
12 June 03
Shit. Haven't updated this for a good 5 months. I lost my job at DBS due to 'change in company direction and economic environment' - expletives removed.
So there goes my plans to buy a computer and get into the studio side of things. Instead, I've been channeling my efforts towards getting my own multimedia company off the ground, to feed the tech expenses of writing electronic music.
Have been playing gigs around the place as always, including doing a live set with Manhandlespiders, which was pretty fun. Downbeat sultry jazz-esque with plenty of trippy textures.
13 January 03
Hmm... Bring in the new year... Woodford was a ball, the Eclipse/Earthcore trip was even moreso. Highlight of Earthcore, other than Juno Reactor was Benza - wow that guy is unique - and Atmos did the job too. Eclipse, I'd say Oryx (Reefer Decree) were the highlight, but it was consistently good music thoughout - pity about Eat Static, X-Dream AND Pitchblack. Odd Harmonic was the cream of the Woodford crop. Well wacky. As for us, now we're looking at a new year, with a clean slate - not many gigs in the pipeline, and psyching up to get a new PC soon. Think the Hexadecimal efforts will be channeled towards studio time over the next few months, so shan't be pushing for too many gigs.
25 November 02
About to head for my annual doof procession... heading down to catch Juno Reactor and Atmos at Earthcore, then cruising to the Outback Eclipse Festival to see X-Dream, Reefer Decree, Eat Static, Mr Peculiar, Fractal Glider and Sensient, amongst others...
10 September 02
Gooble Twooble went off, just like their last gig. Great to see these organisers picking up where they left off. Some of the best fire shows I've seen. Gordon helped me on stage, and I think Hexadecimal is going to officially become a dual act from now on. Apparently the recording of the 1 and 1/2 hour set has not come through... Shock horror!
Just passed 10k clicks on the site.. woop.
3 September 02
Tempest Recordings Promo Release is out! Grab it, and/or my live demo at www.tempestrecordings.com.au...
19 August 02
Good and bad news this week... On the good front, scored some gigs at this years Woodford Folk Festival which always pulls crowds of 100,000 or so. Should be great... others playing in the doof area are: Rip Van Hippy, Funky Space Elf, Metrognome, Paul Abad, Spatial Anomaly, Promiscuous, Afro Dizzi Act, with a few more here, and heaps more to enjoy throughout the rest of the festival. On the other hand, missed out on the Zed's (4ZZZ, local community radio station) annual Market Day.
I'd like to say thanks to Chris, Jeff, Luke, Phil and Richard for their continuing support and interest...
29 July 02
Argh! Dagnammit.
The ElectroCommunion gig was an awful experience. My gear was still locked up at the PulseRadio.net House since the last performance - I had been very slack in my organisation, and consequently couldn't access my hardware. So I showed up to this gig with Capn Mubbers and without any gear. Luckily enough Gordon held himself, and provided a nice hour of music, but it was a shitty experience. Aftewards, a couple of cocktails solved the situation. Appologies to all who were expecting, to Mark P. for putting up with my shit and to the after-party people in Paddo (KT and co) for not being able to attend. Hope ya'll had fun!
In good news, Tenzin Choegyal will be rocking into the hex4 studio soon for some collaboration efforts... I'm sure his awesome Tibetan talent will sound great with the Hex'd sound...
1 July 02
Captain Mubbers and myself have a promotional release through Tempest Recordings (Melbourne). The song's called Time Fracture and will be released on a compilation. The comp won't be up for retail sale, instead going out to radio stations and the like. However, you can get the comp free by purchasing other items from the Tempest Store.
In other news, the awesome Mr Peculiar (Tribeadelic Records) is coming to Brisbane. Playing at Endymion on the 24th August, this gig's not to be missed with heaps of cool djs (Ozzy, Polyphonic, SpiralMunk, Autistic Remedy, Paul Abad, Void, Smiling, Metrognome and Chris) and also live acts (Hexadecimal, Cyanescens and Zgljk6.) A re-amalgamation of ye olde NZV crew (Syncron, Zenith, and more!) has created the new CY Productions, which guarantee a quality affair incorporating a 10kw sound system, fire sculpture and performances, interactive art installations, stilt performers as well as all the rad electronic music.
27 May 02
Registered www.hex4.com - Cheers to iCE!
21 May 02
Great gig on the weekend - many thanks to the Gooble Crew and friends for making a great party. Looks like the Gooble's may be getting a little more involved with throwing local events after the success of their first party... 450 ppl for a first up is pretty good! Things are quiet for a bit at the moment, with no gigs scheduled for atleast a month. Phew! A much needed break from carting the gear around, and hopefully a chance to get some more sequenced (not-live) songs done.
Captain Mubbers and myself have a track coming out on Tempest Records (Melbourne) very soon, it's called Time Fracture and it's a straight live recording from a show at the Pink Palais. Keep your eyes peeled for this. Here's a link to their site.
18 March 02
Another Brisbane club bites the dust - recently, we've had Double Helix, Mantra and Dbunk close down, three of the most essential locations for supporting local talent. Now Ja Ja's lounge is gone too, and along with it, the club Jinx. Must have been jinxed from the start...
Still trying to figure out just why clubs in Brisbane can't last. The punters are here, they're around somewhere! Ah well.
25 February 02
Thanks to Allan Boyd from Rockus online magazine, the Hexadecimal Live Nov 01 cd has been reviewed! (Link has been permanently removed)
The gig at Ja Ja's on the 21st Feb was obviously a good one, since it's now to be a regular event - Called Ja Ja Jinx, it's on weekly featuring live electronica and djs spinning the decks too. Thursday nights from 9pm, free entry, cheap drinks, lotsa fun and always supporting local artists!
2 February 02
Just came back from a successful Sydney trip, playing at Summer Dreaming. Was a most awesome festival, full credit to the organisers and partyers... the set was recorded, so shall be posting some mp3s soon. Also played a little gig at a local Sydney pub/club, the Cat and Fiddle, and funnily enough, that was a more satisfying experience since the crowd were more unfamiliar with the Hexa style.
Got a couple of gigs coming up over the next few weeks, check the gig list for details, and email us for any extended details (directions, times, etc.)
Shall be spending some time in the Organarchy recording studio over the next few weeks, looking to get an EP together or maybe some compilation spots.
So look out for new mp3s, releases and some photos to be here soon!